Inspirational Viewing

NBC and the United States will surely be missing out this evening. Even though NBC will be debuting its new fall season line up including Guys with Kids and Law and Order: SVU, there will be an absence of inspiration on our televisions.  The 2012 Paralympic Games begin in London this evening, and will go unaired by the major television networks. The good news is that you still have the opportunity to watch the events if you register on ParalympicSportTV. My students inspire me every single day, and I am lucky to witness this courage, determination, and resilience on a daily basis. If you want to be inspired, check out and watch the recorded videos, live stream videos, or read the bios about the athletes participating. You [...]

Mobility Scooter or Power Chair?

One of the biggest choices you’ll have to make when moving to a mobility-assisted lifestyle is whether to go with the mobility scooter or power chair. Unfortunately, that's not always your decision—particularly if your mobility needs are funded by someone besides yourself. If you are fortunate enough to have input to the decision, keep these ideas on the front burner: Your lifestyle, capabilities and desires will become dependent upon the decision on which type of mobility vehicle you end up selecting. Choose carefully. A major consideration is your physical capabilities. Mobility scooters require a certain amount of agility in mounting and dismounting, keeping your eyes on vehicular and pedestrian traffic around you. Most forms [...]

Gaining Mobility – in Body and Spirit

I welcome new technology, but not necessarily like everyone else. Most people invest their time and money into the fastest, most efficient networks and devices on the market. I, on the other hand, want something that is functional, something that opens doors and provides opportunities for people. Technology is not just for pure entertainment or educational purposes. The technology that I am referring to changes lives and creates independence, which builds self-esteem and a sense of identity. I’m talking about, simply, wheelchairs. I am a teacher of children with physical disabilities, and have witnessed firsthand the effect this independence provides. Children grow, evolve, and learn from the everyday choices they make in order to prepare [...]

Ready, Set, Go – The London Paralympics

At this time, most Americans’ eyes are fixated on their televisions and the 2012 Summer Olympics in Great Britain. This world event seems to bring out our competitive nature and love and pride for our country. To see young individuals put so much effort into something so positive is enlightening and provides relief from the negative, stressful news prevalent in the media. It makes you believe that you can accomplish anything with focus and determination. The Paralympics, which is a multi-sport world competition for athletes with physical disabilities, takes place following the Olympic Games. It is even more inspirational to see amputees and individuals with other physical and sensory disabilities train and compete in challenging events. [...]

No Know-It-Alls In Mobility Scooter Riding

Mobility scooter riders don’t have a “code of the road” and maybe that is why some type of accident almost always befalls the beginning rider. These accidents aren’t usually serious; probably more embarrassing than anything else. I would know; I had mine trying to negotiate some soft sand alongside a path and tipped over. If at all possible, have someone with you when you start riding. You will be surprised how heavy even the lightest scooter is when it’s sitting on top of you. There are some good things about these mishaps; like other mistakes, you learn from them in knowing the limitations of both your scooter and yourself. No doubt about it; there is a learning curve, particularly if you are wheeling around on three wheels. [...]