Work from Home Opportunities

The month of September has been busy, whether you’ve been planning and preparing for the new school year or taking care of all the end-of-summer cleaning and organizing at home. We're slowly saying “so long” to our short-sleeved shirts and shorts, storing them away, and replacing them with sweaters and pants for the upcoming fall season. This is also a busy time for the American Kidney Services. AKS is an organization which collects donations for resale. Most of the proceeds earned go to the American Kidney Fund that provides philanthropic assistance to dialysis patients. AKS services various areas, including St. Louis, Atlanta, and some regions in Illinois. American Kidney Services is one of the few legitimate organizations that [...]

Caregiver Guide to Mobility Scooters

If you sign on to be a caregiver for another, it’s probably not with the perception you’ll be gaining a daily exercise routine or becoming the means to an end in solving walking disabilities. Many people overlook the fact that the caregiver is also responsible for their charge's mobility scooter or electric wheelchair maintenance. My wife pulls double duty as my caregiver, too. She has to be prepared to deal with taking care of and transporting my scooter. That means hauling around the basic four items: seat, batteries, wheel-mounted motor and scooter-base/tiller mechanism. Any time we take a trip to, say, the mall, she has to lift all those parts into out trunk. She’s also responsible for the unloading along with the loading [...]

Social Activity Ideas for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Today's post comes from Sarah, a writer for Brookdale Assisted Living. Senior citizens who are coping with the loss of mobility often feel overwhelmed by all the things they were once able to do that they can no longer enjoy.  This is particularly true with regards to social activities, as those who have recently had their mobility impaired often feel particularly left out of social functions. As caregivers, we can help to remedy these “blues” by pointing out the myriad of social opportunities that exist for those with limited mobility.  Most often, getting our loved ones engaged in some fun activities will help them quickly realize that all is not lost and that there are many, many ways they can enjoy themselves in the company [...]

No Boundaries for Travelling!

Summer is the ideal time to take that long-awaited trip that many people so desperately deserve! Spring is the perfect time to begin planning for those daylong, weekend, and extended stay trips with family and friends. Accessibility can be a challenge when it comes to planning a trip with a family member who uses a wheelchair for mobility, but there are options for your family in mostly any direction you travel! There are also agencies available to help provide guidance in vacation planning. Below are also some helpful hints on what to ask these agencies and what to bring in order to make your trip a wonderful, memorable experience. Since 1970, Flying Wheels Travel is an agency that offers travel planning and support for individuals with [...]

Access: Is It For You?

If you’re mobility-challenged and visiting a high rise building for the first time, you need to be aware at all times of the emergency exits. If you end up in a position where you’re looking for it, it may already be too late. Whether they’re 25-story apartment buildings or the 164-story Burj Khalifa in Dubai, most of these buildings are just like my three story condominium complex when it comes to fires and other structural emergencies. During my first fire alarm in this building, I learned a few things. First when the alarm went off, my neighbors said the elevators would be off also. Therefore, it was best for me to go to the top of the stairs and wait for someone to carry me down. Fat chance. As I rolled down the hallway [...]

Let’s Give Love and Support!

It is difficult when a family member loses mobility as they progress through their lives. It is even more difficult when your loved one feels that they do not need a scooter or wheelchair. The fear and worry when they are home alone results in unhealthy anxiety and stress for you. A good friend of mine is a mother of three children and a special education teacher in Pennsylvania. She juggles a lot of commitments and stays active with her large extended family that lives in the area. She is also experiencing what many people go through; the regression of a family member’s physical ability. This is a tough experience to deal with for both my friend and her family member. So how can she approach a loved one about this issue? I think [...]

Turn on the Accessibility!

I have a love-hate relationship with my computer. There is something about this piece of plastic, keys, and hard drive that keeps me gravitating towards it! Whether it's keeping up with the latest news or Skyping with the family, we all seem to be totally hooked on information. The internet’s relentless, constant feed keeps us satisfied in many ways. Today, computers are adding important accessibility features to enable more people to participate and experience the endless possibilities and resources on the great web. They provide accessibility options for individuals with disabilities, including visual and physical impairments, just to name a few. The control panel on your Microsoft Windows laptop or computer reminds me of the command [...]

Life Adjustments for Mobility Scooter Living

Moving from a life of walking on your own two legs to dependency on a mobility scooter can be a tough adjustment. But by making a series of incremental lifestyle changes, it becomes much more manageable. This is an area where pre-planning can minimize small aggravations before they become stumbling blocks. Back-Up Plan Any time you start a new program in your life that involves substantial dollars adjustments, be sure you have a fallback position. If for some reason you decide to abort, you need options. For instance, I have Multiple Sclerosis which has severely impacted my legs, making walking near impossible. I have two 3-wheel mobility scooters I use for getting around in the home and on short mobility jaunts. They are near to being [...]

Pool Alert

One of the best physical activities for the mobility-challenged, according to most physical therapists, is swimming. It provides a low-impact way to stretch and strengthen muscle while keep stress off bones and joints. Unfortunately, swimming itself has presented a challenge to the mobility assisted until a recent effort to force the issue. One provision of the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act was to mandate fixed pool lifts for public swimming pools and spas, including the thousands of pools installed by hotels as guest perks. The original deadline for compliance with the ADA Standard was March 15, 2012. That’s old news, however. More recently, on May 21, 2012, the Department of Justice issued a final rule stating that it was extending [...]

They Can Build It!

In today’s economic environment, everyone wants the iconic idiom that “money doesn’t grow on trees” to be false. Already strained financial situations become bleaker when a family member loses their physical ability, which necessitates wheelchair accessibility at home. It’s important to know what resources are available to help provide financial assistance and support for ramps and other various modifications to enable independence for our loved ones. Contacting Medicare will be an uphill battle, since they only cover items that technically treat a diagnosis or medical condition. Unfortunately, ramps and other modifications are not included in the agenda. Luckily, there are some organizations out there that provide assistance and [...]