Nutrition for the Elderly

This guest post was contributed by Forest Healthcare; specialist in care homes, nursing homes and residential homes for the elderly. Whether we like it or not, people start aging from the day that they are born. The good news is we are constantly being told that people are living longer. It is predicted that soon 23% of the population will be over 65 and 10% of these people will be over 75! So faced with the inevitable, what can we do to help ourselves and hopefully prevent some of the effects that aging has on the body? The World Health Organization had to come up with a classification of age so decided that people aged between 45 and 59 are middle aged, you are elderly between the ages of 60 and 74 and when you turn 75 you are just [...]

How Research Can Change Lives

My first real experience with designing for people with disabilities came right after my senior year of college, when I was tasked with creating an improved self-catheterization tool for incomplete quadriplegics. It was quite an eye opening experience and a wonderful opportunity for me – an able-bodied 22 year old – to put myself into the shoes of someone who was no longer able to easily complete many of the mundane tasks that I took for granted every day. I realized that I had a passion for designing products that sincerely consider the cognitive and physical capabilities of the people that will be using them. I entered graduate school at Georgia Tech to further advance my design education and concurrently took a position at the Georgia [...]

3 Ways You Can Help People with Disabilities through Technology

People with disabilities are often overlooked in the world of technology. Too often, not enough resources are devoted to help them grasp the great content around the web that every other person can enjoy. However, such disabilities are part of human nature and should not be forgotten. Here are some ways that technology can help. Tablets for Those with Limited Speech Abilities Realizing that your kid’s ability to speak is impaired is always sad for a parent. However, there are ways to help your child develop their language abilities. Tablets have helped kids develop speech where conventional means have failed. This is due mainly to the intuitive touch screens and the associated software. There are applications that can teach [...]

Social Activity Ideas for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Today's post comes from Sarah, a writer for Brookdale Assisted Living. Senior citizens who are coping with the loss of mobility often feel overwhelmed by all the things they were once able to do that they can no longer enjoy.  This is particularly true with regards to social activities, as those who have recently had their mobility impaired often feel particularly left out of social functions. As caregivers, we can help to remedy these “blues” by pointing out the myriad of social opportunities that exist for those with limited mobility.  Most often, getting our loved ones engaged in some fun activities will help them quickly realize that all is not lost and that there are many, many ways they can enjoy themselves in the company [...]