My Poor Knees

As a member of the Atlanta Track Club Women’s competitive team and a teacher who lifts and aids students with disabilities, I have more than my share of wear and tear on my joints and muscles. I just recently experienced a setback with a diagnosis of Runner’s Knee and arthritis in both knees. I am beginning to realize that just like brakes in a car, your joints also have a shelf life! Taking care of your body and mind should be a priority throughout the year. There are proven practices that will help your body from wearing out! I caught some good advice from some individuals who are very knowledgeable in this area! I went to an Atlanta Track Club member’s New Year’s Day party and gravitated towards the Masters Runners who are [...]

Winter Funerals

Funerals are very personal ceremonies whether they are for a close relative, a friend, or yourself. I recently went to an important one myself. You’d think mobility access would be taken for granted in situations like this, even in winter. Nope. Despite the fact most New England funeral homes are made over Victorian homes that originally included several porches and stairs, access is not something that has been overlooked. I’ve always seen street level entrances or ramps suitable for electric wheel chairs or mobility scooters as needed. Parking lots are generally clear of snow and well-marked. I did find the interior to be a bit crowded, particularly with both a power wheelchair and a mobility scooter arriving at the same [...]

How to Self-Fund Your Mobility Independence

Mobility issues in 2013 may take some dramatic turns as future needs and declining federal monies collide with baby boomers’ increasing frailty and the obesity epidemic. The demands for broader insurance coverage, changing technology and inordinate spending for institutionalized care may make self-funding solutions a more and more necessary option. Government safety nets work for now, but we may not always be able to rely on them. It never hurts to have a backup plan. I have spent a lot of time price-shopping for mobility scooters and honestly it is not as bad as you might have been led to think to aid your own mobility when it becomes evident your independence is being challenged. You can start by setting aside a $5 bill once [...]

Nutrition for the Elderly

This guest post was contributed by Forest Healthcare; specialist in care homes, nursing homes and residential homes for the elderly. Whether we like it or not, people start aging from the day that they are born. The good news is we are constantly being told that people are living longer. It is predicted that soon 23% of the population will be over 65 and 10% of these people will be over 75! So faced with the inevitable, what can we do to help ourselves and hopefully prevent some of the effects that aging has on the body? The World Health Organization had to come up with a classification of age so decided that people aged between 45 and 59 are middle aged, you are elderly between the ages of 60 and 74 and when you turn 75 you are just [...]

Let’s Get Positive!

Depression can creep up on you like a silent rainstorm brewing. The seasonal changes can also play a big part. When you leave for work in the darkness and return in darkness, life seems a little… gloomy, quite frankly! Let’s fight those dreary, sad feelings with some mood lifting techniques.  I tried to find some strategies other than the usual “get your eight hours of sleep”.  Medications can help, but they are not cheap and may cause side effects. How do you disengage yourself from those lackluster feelings? Getting outside can be a chore sometimes, but it can tremendously elevate your mood. emphasized this important concept on their website. You will reap the benefits, whether you are sitting outside [...]

Charging Stations and Traffic Rules Proposed in Macon

Macon-Bibb County in Georgia, the country’s first “Age-Friendly Community” according to the AARP and the WHO, has proposed new legislation to help motorized wheelchair and mobility scooter users navigate city streets. In this article by Jim Gaines of, he writes that City Councilman Frank Tompkins isn't taking the AARP title for granted; as a strong advocate for the disabled, he is asking for four charging stations for mobility aids in high traffic areas of downtown Macon. This will allow for electric wheelchair and mobility scooter users to make a brief pit stop to recharge before setting back out in the city. Gaines is also proposing some laws to help keep scooter and wheelchair users safe on the streets of Macon. Traffic [...]

Social Activity Ideas for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Today's post comes from Sarah, a writer for Brookdale Assisted Living. Senior citizens who are coping with the loss of mobility often feel overwhelmed by all the things they were once able to do that they can no longer enjoy.  This is particularly true with regards to social activities, as those who have recently had their mobility impaired often feel particularly left out of social functions. As caregivers, we can help to remedy these “blues” by pointing out the myriad of social opportunities that exist for those with limited mobility.  Most often, getting our loved ones engaged in some fun activities will help them quickly realize that all is not lost and that there are many, many ways they can enjoy themselves in the company [...]

Let’s Give Love and Support!

It is difficult when a family member loses mobility as they progress through their lives. It is even more difficult when your loved one feels that they do not need a scooter or wheelchair. The fear and worry when they are home alone results in unhealthy anxiety and stress for you. A good friend of mine is a mother of three children and a special education teacher in Pennsylvania. She juggles a lot of commitments and stays active with her large extended family that lives in the area. She is also experiencing what many people go through; the regression of a family member’s physical ability. This is a tough experience to deal with for both my friend and her family member. So how can she approach a loved one about this issue? I think [...]