Scooter Transportation: A Chicken or Egg” Problem?

When my wife and I decided we had to do something to make transporting my mobility scooter easier, we quickly encountered a chicken-or-egg type of problem. At the time, she was driving a Ford Focus. Though the scooter easily breaks down into four pieces that fit neatly into the trunk (but with no room for anything else), lifting each piece over the wall of the trunk to get it in became an issue. If we went shopping and made four or five stops that meant my wife was having put the strain own her back muscles 8-10 times a trip. Besides this impact on her, the trips became less enjoyable as I didn't want her to have to unload and load the scooter so many times. I often opted to sit in the car rather than put her through the hassle. We [...]

Brace Yourselves! Change is in the Wind

The next few months are going to bring some interesting changes to the mobility equipment acquisition process, and you may find some real savings if you bring a pile of cash to the table. In process for over a year now, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) new competitive bidding program for durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and supplies (DMEPOS) is expected to slash CMS payments by as much as 45%. Mobility equipment providers had already been expecting cuts in the 32-35% range and even at that rate,  a number of the smaller companies had been considering closure. Right now, CMS payments in behalf of over 100 million beneficiaries makes them the largest consumer of durable medical equipment. This [...]

How To Clean and Disinfect Your Mobility Scooter

So I was on the way back from the gym, using a shortcut on my mobility scooter that took me through an unused parking lot. Before I realized what I was dealing with, I’d run over a couple of cigar-shaped pieces of goose droppings. It brought to mind rubber gloves and cleaners. Not my favorite subject, but something I have to deal with on a regular basis now, especially with all the viruses associated with winter. So, how do you go about sanitizing a mobility scooter? How often do you need to do it, and how do you make sure it is germ-free? With all the time I spend on my scooter, the times I have ridden it to the dinner table to eat and the times I haven't quite made it to the bathroom, I never once gave it a thought about how [...]

Inactivity Pandemic

Extended periods of limited mobility from mobility aids can be as serious for boomers as taking a fall is for the elderly. Couple that with an unchanged food plan and you have the makings of a real problem. The human body was designed to be at its peak when it is mobile, but over the years we all tend to move less and less. Such a sedentary lifestyle can lead to heart disease and diabetes. I have also learned that constantly remaining in a seated position leads to pressure sores right where you do your sitting. These can actually become quite serious if left untreated. These issues have been around for decades. However, insurance, Medicare and other health care plans rarely cover the illnesses that arise from a lack of exercise. [...]

Don’t Let Holiday Dinners Put You in a Heavy-Duty Scooter

As the holidays approach, I feel the need to give everyone a friendly warning. Two of the biggest feast days of the year, back-to-back in the space of little more than a month, are hurtling toward us. Gaining weight during the holiday season is a national pastime. Year after year, most of us pack on at least a pound (sometimes much more) during the holidays. Worse, we tend to keep it permanently. Before you're forced onto a heavy-duty mobility aid, don't let the holidays sabotage your weight. You can satisfy your desire for traditional favorites and still enjoy celebrating guilt-free. After all, being stuffed is only a good idea if you are a turkey! Get Active Create a calorie deficit by exercising to burn off extra calories before [...]

Mobility Scooter or Power Chair?

One of the biggest choices you’ll have to make when moving to a mobility-assisted lifestyle is whether to go with the mobility scooter or power chair. Unfortunately, that's not always your decision—particularly if your mobility needs are funded by someone besides yourself. If you are fortunate enough to have input to the decision, keep these ideas on the front burner: Your lifestyle, capabilities and desires will become dependent upon the decision on which type of mobility vehicle you end up selecting. Choose carefully. A major consideration is your physical capabilities. Mobility scooters require a certain amount of agility in mounting and dismounting, keeping your eyes on vehicular and pedestrian traffic around you. Most forms [...]