Winter Funerals

Funerals are very personal ceremonies whether they are for a close relative, a friend, or yourself. I recently went to an important one myself. You’d think mobility access would be taken for granted in situations like this, even in winter. Nope. Despite the fact most New England funeral homes are made over Victorian homes that originally included several porches and stairs, access is not something that has been overlooked. I’ve always seen street level entrances or ramps suitable for electric wheel chairs or mobility scooters as needed. Parking lots are generally clear of snow and well-marked. I did find the interior to be a bit crowded, particularly with both a power wheelchair and a mobility scooter arriving at the same [...]

Guns & Roses: How Firearm Control Affects the Disabled

There's no doubt in my mind that Congress is going to get into a shootout over gun control in the coming weeks and months. As is all too common, the disabled probably won’t have much of a voice even though firearm legislation affects them more than most. The reality is that the disabled are especially vulnerable to violence, gun-related or otherwise. On the other hand, they also stand more to gain from the protection of a personal weapon like a firearm. The controversy on Capitol Hill hasn't prompted me to rush to the nearest gun store so I can start packing heat, however. I remember target practice with a .45 caliber automatic pistol when I was younger. It packed quite a punch! At this age, seated on a mobility scooter, I doubt [...]

Charging Stations and Traffic Rules Proposed in Macon

Macon-Bibb County in Georgia, the country’s first “Age-Friendly Community” according to the AARP and the WHO, has proposed new legislation to help motorized wheelchair and mobility scooter users navigate city streets. In this article by Jim Gaines of, he writes that City Councilman Frank Tompkins isn't taking the AARP title for granted; as a strong advocate for the disabled, he is asking for four charging stations for mobility aids in high traffic areas of downtown Macon. This will allow for electric wheelchair and mobility scooter users to make a brief pit stop to recharge before setting back out in the city. Gaines is also proposing some laws to help keep scooter and wheelchair users safe on the streets of Macon. Traffic [...]

Winter Mobility

With winter breathing down our necks, new hazards are approaching. You never know when a storm like Hurricane Sandy might come knocking on your door so it's best to always be prepared for inclement weather. Even if the season is light on snow, there are other challenges we all must face; even if it is just heavy rain. This is particularly true for mobility scooter users. I know a good number of you don't intend to sit there housebound. You have places to go and things to do. On top of your normal life, there are holiday shopping and winter events to keep you out and about. Here are a few tips to help you operate your mobility scooter in these less-than-desirable conditions. Make Yourself Seen A major hazard in winter is low visibility. [...]

Access: Is It For You?

If you’re mobility-challenged and visiting a high rise building for the first time, you need to be aware at all times of the emergency exits. If you end up in a position where you’re looking for it, it may already be too late. Whether they’re 25-story apartment buildings or the 164-story Burj Khalifa in Dubai, most of these buildings are just like my three story condominium complex when it comes to fires and other structural emergencies. During my first fire alarm in this building, I learned a few things. First when the alarm went off, my neighbors said the elevators would be off also. Therefore, it was best for me to go to the top of the stairs and wait for someone to carry me down. Fat chance. As I rolled down the hallway [...]