Brace Yourselves! Change is in the Wind

The next few months are going to bring some interesting changes to the mobility equipment acquisition process, and you may find some real savings if you bring a pile of cash to the table. In process for over a year now, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) new competitive bidding program for durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and supplies (DMEPOS) is expected to slash CMS payments by as much as 45%. Mobility equipment providers had already been expecting cuts in the 32-35% range and even at that rate,  a number of the smaller companies had been considering closure. Right now, CMS payments in behalf of over 100 million beneficiaries makes them the largest consumer of durable medical equipment. This [...]

Let’s Dance!

When I was young, I always wanted to dance. I danced in my room, backyard, in front of the television, and wherever I could without driving my parents, brother, and our poor dog crazy. Music was always important to me, and it still is today. I finally took my first, official dance class two years ago. I looked around, eyeing up the other (much younger) participants, but my nervousness and awkwardness soon dissipated and wow… what a release! Dance is a great outlet for anyone, even for individuals who use scooters or power wheelchairs. Research shows that dance can be a HUGE stress reliever—and it’s an excellent workout too! Please keep in mind that it took me about 20 years to get myself out on the dance floor for a class. If [...]

Happy 131st Birthday FDR!

How does a great leader approach a serious mobility issue? To find out, I took a look at one of the most famous disabled of all time: Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR contracted polio the same year I was born. Until my research, I never realized his circumstances shared many similarities with my own. Of course, I most likely will never be presidential material and I wasn't fully diagnosed with multiple sclerosis until I was 73. FDR, on the other hand, was paralyzed at 39 while campaigning for the office.  But the actual details, many evident in the new movie Hyde Park on the Hudson, were largely unpublicized. FDR was paralyzed from the waist down. Though I am not paralyzed myself, we both have the similar bowel and urinary issues, [...]

Violence Breaks out between Turkish Wheelchair Basketball Fans

“Violence Breaks out between Turkish Wheelchair Basketball Fans”—this might sound like a headline straight out of a gag magazine, but believe me, this ACTUALLY happened, and there's video proof. The Huffington Post reports that this past weekend, a brawl broke out at a Turkish wheelchair basketball game between the fans of the league rivals.  The fight became so intense between the Galatasaray and Besiktas club fans that the police had to intervene with tear gas to disperse the rioting crowd. While arrests were of course made, what’s upsetting is that many of the athletes were injured and their wheelchairs and other property destroyed. Rivalries definitely make watching sports more intense and exciting, but isn’t this a [...]

Wheelchair Zen

I am a huge advocate for the practice of yoga. Yoga, in my opinion, builds strength, peace of mind, discipline, and courage. You may wonder why I chose the word “courage,” but it takes a big leap to sign up for your first class. I remember my first yoga experience. I was a “newbie” and pretty lost. Luckily, I was able to catch on to the basics pretty quickly. A well-organized yoga class begins with a centering of awareness with the practice of breathing. Once you get the breathing down, participants continue through the poses with the same, repetitive deep breathing techniques. Yoga has many benefits for everyone, including individuals who use wheelchairs or scooters. Chair yoga is a type of yoga practice that does not require [...]

Come Together, Right Now!

Love and friendship are wonderful things. The comfort of a friend can transform a difficult situation to something bearable. We are only human and whether we want to admit or not, we need each other. I am thrilled to provide some great resources to help get you connected. There are many organizations out there that offer assistance when searching for friendship, support, or a new love interest. Hey, we are never too old to find love or a new best friend! is a great resource for individuals who are in the mood for love or a relationship. provides free trial and paid membership options, like most dating sites. The site allows you to set up your own personal, secure profile with pictures and videos. There [...]